The Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization based in California. We advocate for a particular set of children—”asynchronous scholars”—and their families.

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A dramatically increased, more diverse pool of innovators, leaders, and non-linear thinkers to work on the world’s most intractable challenges, thanks to equal access to appropriate educational resources and support in childhood.



To support the creativity, persistence and intellectual well-being of asynchronous scholars in need by providing aid for in-depth learning resources, assessment, and educational advocacy.

Core Values

  • Empowering asynchronous scholars to meet their learning needs
  • Fostering equality in supporting the special needs of asynchronous scholars
  • Innovating new approaches to education that completely leave “the box” behind
  • Inspiring asynchronous scholars to reach for the stars

Primary Goals

  • Active goal: Advocate for support and understanding of the special educational, social, and health needs of asynchronous scholars.
  • Planned: Raise sufficient funds to be providing aid to 50 asynchronous scholars per year in California within the next ten years, to enable them to pursue deep explorations in the topic area of their interest.
  • Planned: Through longitudinally tracked successes, demonstrate the educational effectiveness of direct aid to asynchronous scholars.
  • Planned: Within ten years, serve as the proof-of-concept for a new national model that better meets the educational needs of asynchronous scholars.

What is an Asynchronous Scholar?

We use the term “asynchronous scholars” to mean high-potential learners, whether or not they have previously been identified as gifted (a term that is problematic for many reasons).

These children are characterized first and foremost by asynchrony—being many ages at once, as with a child that can master algebra at age 7 but whose handwriting lags a year behind; or with a young child whose math is at age-grade-level, but who reads five years ahead and is a musical prodigy. This often is further compounded in that many such children may have learning disabilities masked by their strengths, causing them to struggle for reasons that may not be clear to others.

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Asynchronous scholars have intense learning needs that differ markedly from the norm and are rarely recognized, much less met effectively, leaving kids to fend for themselves for the duration of their education, including when they don’t have the life experience or wisdom to cope with such abandonment or vilification by adults. There is no other group of children whose needs modern society so blatantly fails to meet.

The Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund aims to serve as as a new model for high-impact support to these children, providing tailored aid in formats that make sense for high-potential learners.