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Resources for on Giftedness

Alisa reading 4Have a kid like Alisa, or know one (or more)?

We have a few suggestions to help you meet their needs, and to help others better understand them.

A number of bloggers offer annual lists of their favorite posts on giftedness and twice exceptionality. In 2016, Gifted Challenges supplied one such list. Gail Post, Ph.D., assembles a list of her top blog choices for each year, currently covering 2016-2018.  (Our thanks to another excellent resource, the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, for alerting us to the list.) Your Rainforest Mind also gives a list of blogs examining giftedness and twice exceptionality here.

Maybe you didn’t know that a child can be gifted and also have learning differences, or perhaps you’re trying to bring a new healthcare provider or educator up to speed. On GHF’s website you can find brochures on each of these subjects. (Full disclosure: Our founder and executive director, J. Marlow Schmauder, wrote three of them for GHF.) The brochures are free to download and print, or you can read them directly on the website.

There are a number of other websites that have very, very helpful libraries of information and services. Take a look at our Helpful Resources in our right sidebar (scroll down to see the list). There are more, and we’d love to have your suggestions in the comments, as well.