Help high-potential children in need!

The Asynchronous Scholars’ Fund’s year-end fundraising campaign aims to build a core pool of funding to enable us to launch assistance to asynchronous scholars — high-potential children in need — in 2012. Visit our founder’s Fundly page for more information; there are many ways to support us.

  • We’re spreading the word by asking each of our supporters to tell 12 more people about our campaign and upcoming claymation public service announcement. Use Facebook, Twitter, email, or any of a zillion other ways. Our Fundly page makes it easy!
  • Donate $10 (the price of a few lattés in most big cities); $25 (a nice lunch or dinner out); or more. With the power of our social network, this will multiply to help us reach our $5,000 campaign goal, and get us a giant step closer to awarding aid to an asynchronous scholar in need.
These kids don’t get help from elsewhere. Many aren’t identified as gifted because their families don’t have the means to pay for assessments, or their schools misunderstand them. But they have enormous potential, and have the same right to have their educational, social and emotional needs met as any other kid does. Please donate today.
Thank you for your support, and enjoy the holidays!